• A creative hub for ArtistS, Songwriters, Composers, and Producers

    in the music industry to create new ideas.

  • TuneFactory DC  is a creative place for serious music professionals to get work done.

    We work with the following music professionals to create high quality projects:


    No Writers Block

    Songwriters love to work at Tunefactory DC where they find a productive environment with accessibility to the music industry's top artist.


    Lock In

    At Tunefactory, Producers find a cozy creative hub where they can be most productive and efficient in setting industry trends with new sounds. Industry producers love the constant interactions and collaboration recording sessions with other talented songwriters.


    The Creative Energy is Great

    Artists love the creative energy at TuneFactory DC. Its unique/ contemporary artist-friendly design is one that brings a much needed vibe to the creative environment of DC.

    Music Publishers 

    Lots of records

    At Tunefactory DC, Music Publishers can find a direct pipeline to the music industry's up and coming composers,songwriters, songs and catalogs.


    Are you working on a project? (Single, EP, or Album)?

    TuneFactory works with  Managers and Artists to complete recording project management plans and works with a hands on approach to execute these plans to achieve the overall goals.


    Work with the best

    TuneFactory DC is a 100% Technology Based recording studio that partners with high level and experienced Engineers. "Engineers at Tunefactory DC are very innovative and ahead of the curve".

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